Raunds Town

Aug 31, 2007 by Steven March


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Raunds is a small town in the English county of Northamptonshire. It is in the Eastern region of the county, very close to the Cambridgeshire border. A number of other small towns are within a few miles, including Thrapston, Irthlingborough and Rushden. The bigger centres of population are all about thirty minutes drive away. These are Northampton, Bedford and Peterborough. London is 70 miles South of Raunds with access by car down the A1 or M1. Raunds is equidistant between these two major traffic routes.

The population of Raunds is about 10,000. Only going back about ten years it was a fairly insular town, with no major routes travelling near it. This changed with the construction of the busy A14 which is the new link road between the M1 and A1 and passes within 2 miles of Raunds. The structure of the population has been changed because of easier access and relatively inexpensive housing for the South of England. There is a large population of commuters and people who have moved away from the more expensive areas.

The local history of Raunds is that it grew up around the boot and shoe industry. At the turn of the century, this was mainly a cottage industry, with families making footwear in their own homes. During the First World War, Raunds became known for its production of army boots.

As with a lot of Northamptonshire towns and villages in this area, Raunds is known for its church, St Peters. This has the second highest spire in the county. It dates back to medieval times and can be seen when approaching from most directions around the town.

Raunds has one of the smallest zebra crossings in the country, right in the town centre. It also used to have a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for having the highest recorded temperature in the U.K. along with another town. This dated back to 1912, the temperature being 92' F, which was only surpassed in this decade.